概述 of the 全球人才签证 endorsement routes and application process.


全球人才签证是为在“学术或研究”领域有才华和有前途的个人提供的。, 'arts and culture' or 'digital technology' who wish to work in the UK.

The 全球人才签证 has a number of benefits over the 技术工人签证. 您可以:

  • 如果你没有得到内政部的允许,你可以改变或停止你的工作,因为签证不是由大学赞助的
  • choose how long your visa is for, up to 5 years
  • be an employee, self-employed and a director of a company
  • 带上你的伴侣和孩子,如果他们符合条件的话,作为你的“家属”
  • travel abroad and return to the UK
  • apply with no language or minimum salary eligibility requirements
  • 如果您符合延长停留时间的资格标准,您可以随心所欲地多次续签签证
  • 如果你已经在英国生活了3年(而不是标准的5年),并满足其他资格要求,可以申请在英国的快速定居(无限期居留)-你在英国以外做研究的任何时间都计入这段时间


  • apply for most benefits (‘公共基金’),或者国家养老金
  • 做一名运动员

Two-stage application process

The application for a 全球人才签证 is a two-stage process:

Stage 1: Endorsement Application - when you submit your endorsement application, 内政部将把它发送给一个在你的领域具有专业知识的英国组织(“认可机构”)进行审查. 你如何申请取决于你遵循下面的背书路线.

You will usually get a decision about your endorsement within:

  • 1周, if you have an eligible 学术 or research job, 个人奖学金或研究补助金-这被称为“快速通道”背书
  • 5 weeks, if you are having your application peer reviewed


You will usually get a decision about your visa within:

You may be able to pay for a faster decision. 如何做到这一点取决于你是在英国以外还是在英国境内申请.

您可以在申请背书的同时申请全球人才签证, or after you have the endorsement confirmed. If your permission to stay in the UK is about to expire, applying for the visa will extend it until you have been given a decision. 如果你同时申请这两项,而你的背书随后被拒绝, your visa application will be rejected, but the visa application fee will be reimbursed to you, -£25.

The earliest you can apply for a visa is 3 months before you travel.



  1. Academic and research appointments – fast-track endorsement for individuals who have accepted a position at an approved UK higher education institution or research institute with responsibility either for 学术, research or innovation leadership and development, 或在研究或创新项目或工作计划中指导或领导个人或团队. Typical roles eligible under this route include but are not limited to Professor, Associate Professor (Reader or Senior Lecturer) or Senior Group Leader. 请注意, 这条路线不适用于博士后研究人员,因为他们不太可能满足上述标准,因为他们的主要角色是进行研究,而不是领导研究. This route is administered by the British Academy, Royal Academy of Engineering and the Royal Society. 有关此路线的签注及申请程序详情,请浏览网页 在这里

  2. 个人奖学金 – fast-track endorsement for individuals who have been awarded an 个人奖学金 在英国科学院、皇家工程院和皇家学会批准的名单上. The fellowship must be held currently or within the last 12 months. 有关此路线的签注及申请程序详情,请浏览网页 在这里

  3. 支持资助者 -为在成功的资助申请中指定姓名或职位的研究人员和专家提供快速背书 an endorsed funder approved by UKRI. In order to be eligible, researchers must be hosted or employed by an eligible institution approved by UKRI. 有关此路线的签注及申请程序详情,请浏览网页 在这里

  4. 同行评审 – standard endorsement for individuals who submit an application for 全面同行评审 by the British Academy, Royal Academy of Engineering or Royal Society. 有关此路线的签注及申请程序详情,请浏览网页 在这里


您需要支付623英镑, which is payable in two parts (if you're applying based on an endorsement):

  • £456 for the endorsement fee; and
  • 签证费167英镑



You may also need to pay £19.20 to have your biometric information (fingerprints and a photo) taken.

In addition to the cost of the endorsement and visa application, you will also need to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) fee. 你需要支付的确切金额将取决于你获准休假的天数. Full details on the costs of the IHS can be found 在这里.

如果在线申请,IHS将需要在申请签证的同时支付. This will ensure that you have full access to the National Health Service (NHS).

The IHS will cost an additional £624 per person per year that your visa is valid. Children aged under 18 pay a reduced fee of £470.

Support with immigration expenses




如果你申请 英国以外 as the main applicant, you will need to apply for your visa before your 伴侣和子女 可以制作自己的独立应用程序,因为他们需要您的全球Web表单(GWF)或唯一应用程序编号(UAN). 你可以在内政部白菜收录大全网址签证申请的邮件和信件中找到这些信息.

如果你申请 在英国境内,你可以申请你的 配偶或子女签证 at the same time as you apply to 扩展或切换 自己的签证. This includes children who were born or have turned 18 during your stay.

If you cannot apply at the same time, your partner or child can apply to 扩展或切换 their visas at a later date. This must be before their current visa expires.



If your application is successful, you will be given either:

  • 如果你在签证申请中心提供了你的生物特征信息,你的护照上就会贴有一个贴纸(称为vignette);
  • 如果您使用智能手机应用程序来证明您的身份,则可以在线查看您的移民身份信息.

The vignette or online immigration status information will show:

  • what you have been granted (for example, a 全球人才签证)
  • the dates your visa is valid (start date and end date)
  • the conditions of your visa

你必须在你的小插图到期前进入英国,否则你将需要申请并支付另一个. In making your travel plans, 你应该 aim to arrive in the UK prior to your start date 在大学.

如果你拿到了签证,并且你来英国的时间超过6个月,你必须领取签证 Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) 要么在小插图贴纸到期前,要么在抵达英国后10天内, 哪个晚一点. You can choose w在这里 to collect your BRP from during your application. 通常情况下,对于大多数大学新生来说,这将是美博论坛白菜首页的中央邮局.


您需要在收到BRP后立即将其提供给您的人力资源招聘协调员,以便他们与您一起进行工作权检查. This right to work check must be carried out 开工前. If you have not yet collected your BRP before your first day, you can start work on the basis of your vignette as long as it is still valid. 然后,您必须尽快从指定的收集点获得BRP,并将其提供给您的人力资源招聘协调员.

如果你能拿到你的 immigration status information online, 您需要与您的人力资源招聘协调员分享这些信息,以便他们与您一起进行工作权检查 开工前.

Application refusals or problems with your BRP

If your visa application is refused, you will receive a letter or an email explaining why it has been refused.

你必须 如果你的申请被拒绝,请立即通知你的人力资源招聘协调员.


类似的, if t在这里 is a problem with your BRP, 它丢失或被盗, or you need to replace your BRP, 你应该 read this guidance and contact UKVI immediately.

Switch to the 全球人才签证

You may be apply to switch to a 全球人才签证 from within the UK, 只要您不持有以下签证途径之一的英国居留许可:

  • 游客
  • 短期学生
  • 孩子学生的父母
  • 季节性工人
  • 国内工人